Midweek confessions

1. I get so annoyed when reading articles/blogs/stories with too many explanation points. In fact, sometimes I just have to quit reading it altogether to avoid my blood pressure rising. This may seem like an exaggeration because it is, but only slightly. Feel free to call me out when I get a little over excited with the !!!!! in the future.

This face is like four explanation points.
2. I also get really annoyed when commas are overused or in the wrong place in a sentence. I'm no grammar expert, but come on... we all had to take the basic English classes growing up. It just erks me. Erks... look it up. :) (Again, feel free to call me out, but not too often because I'm sure I do it too all the time and I can't handle that kind of criticism on a daily basis. I never call others out on it, it just is in my head every.single.time).

3. I don't feel like I've  had quality time with Josie since she's gotten this annoying cold. When she is awake, she is so determined to be active and on her own, and when she's getting tired, my efforts are all focused on getting her more comfortable for bed. I don't feel like we have any fun anymore! A small part of me gets scared that she won't even like me after this is all over (the cold, not her childhood) even though I know that is ridiculous.

How is me being a baby babushka not fun?

4. We've lived in our house two years now and we still have not decorated many of our walls. We have some large paintings that I inherited (and love to death) but its hard to decorate around large paintings. I would just leave them up alone without another thought if they took up enough of the wall space, but unfortunately they do not. It's just awkward.

Now that you mention it, you could really improve this place.

5. I have two pairs of shoes that I leave at work because I wear them often enough. I'm so lazy these days that I am basically only wearing those two pairs because I don't feel like carrying/wearing a different pair. So all of those shoes in my closet that I need to have? I still need them...just not using them... If you are wondering what those two shoes are, you are in luck. I will share. :) One is that nude heel I had talked about here and the other pair are the boring black shoes I mentioned here. Safe, reliable, totally me. Someday I might step out of the box but that someday is not today. It's too easy!

My kicks are better than yours.

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