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What they say

Audrey: I want to get old. That's how I grow. I want to grow up!
Me: What does that mean?
Audrey: It means that you're going to be donezo!

Josie: when I go to bed, I sleep with my eyes open. I wait for daddy to leave, and then I open them.
Me: what do you do all night?
Josie: I just wait til morning.

Audrey: I'm Elsa.
Daddy:  who am I?
Audrey: you're Audrey's daddy, Michael James.
Daddy: Ok, well, who's your daddy then?
Audrey: Mi--- (stops...) you don't get to know his name!

Busted wearing my lipstick. I got this sweet expression saying that I needed a picture to show daddy, so she took it very seriously.

Audrey on a pretend phone: Hello. my dad is not very listening. because he just runned to my room. because I left the door open. it can lock if I leave it open.

Audrey: My food is in my tummy and God is in my heart. All my food is in my heart! And God is going to juggle my food.


What the kiddos say

Josie was telling us a joke. 
Josie: Where does a cow go on a Saturday night?
Us: Go to the moooovies! 
Josie: Where does a horse go on a Saturday night? 
Us: Go to the neeeeighbors! 
Josie: Where do calves go on a Saturday night? 
We looked puzzled, so she answered for us: To Graaaaaandma's house!

Audrey asked Papa after his shower if he found any tickets (ticks).

Josie, wearing her princess Anna dress that has an unfortunate hole in it: "I'm pretending this hole is a pocket."

Mike talking to Josie about work
Josie: Daddy,  your feet stink!
Mike: Well yeah, because I work a lot. Josie, do you have a job?
Josie: ...No...
Mike : Does mom have a job?
Josie: Yeah. She does the dishes and I do the silverware.

Audrey: Remember when Millie was in your tummy?
Me: Yeah.  Where were you?
Audrey: my bedroom.
Me: Ohhhh....
Audrey: Where were you? In the living room?

Josie after tripping over something : Ow! I hurt my Yankee toe.

Josie while looking out the window at a farmhouse: Oh cute! Their house is by corn.

After hearing daddy tell Audrey to hurry up: Hurry down, mom!
Me: What does that mean?
Josie: It means slow down.


What those kiddos are saying

Playing with the nativity set
Josie: Joseph, now you put the baby down. The baby needs to be

While eating a noodle dish for the third time leftover style
Josie: Mom... these noodles make me shiver!

Audrey at supper time

Me: Audrey, can you eat your green beans?
Audrey: No, it's ice cream! Mmmmm, ice cream
She proceeded to eat all of them, never swaying from her story that it was ice cream. The game even worked with Josie, who loved pretending that they were dessert. 

Audrey while we are praying before meals: 
Audrey: Thank you Lord for this food and for Grandma's house.
Long pause. 
All of us: Amen...
Apparently that's all we are thankful for every single time she prays.

While not as humorous, it's noteworthy to point out that the last time we went to the library, Josie really had a better understanding of the future, and not just the present time. Most visits, I spend my time picking out the books to bring home while the girls spend their time taking books off the shelves to read individually or have me read to them. No matter how many times I'd ask them if they wanted to bring them home instead, they always wanted to read them now.  This time, Josie got excited at the idea of having it to read over and over again at home, and suddenly it was like a door had opened. She couldn't pick out books fast enough to put in the library bag. When we got home, she excitedly ran to get the books she had picked out and was waiting on the couch to read them before nap time. It was fun to see her connect those dots! The concept of time is really coming together for her lately.


Audrey says

Audrey's gotten pretty good at judging the situation and seeing if it's in her favor. For example, if something is taken from her by a certain older sister, and mama happens to notice, she's very good at helping mama scold said older sister. In particular, you will hear on any given day, "No, Josie!" "Mine, Josie!" "JOsie Grace DEYle!" (emphasis on the beginning of each name) or "Josie Grace!" "Josie Deyle!" It's morphed into her go to name for addressing Josie. No longer is it just for when she's upset; now she says it on a regular basis. 

I think she knows her sister's name better than her own.

But then again, she also refers to herself as "Audrey Joy Joy" at least once an hour, usually in joy, which is ever so appropriate. When she gets really excited, she repeats it over and over again with raised eyebrows and a high squeal to accompany her chant. Most often, she says this if she just found out that something is going to go in her favor like meal time, play time, potty time (if she's in the right mood), drink time, drive time, etc. Really, everything excites this happy lady.

Some of the things she says are memorable more so because of the way she says them. For example, if she hears something strange, she says ever so softly, "What's that noise??" It's just not something I can't describe... it's the way she says it! It's adorable.

Featured in the video: 

  • "I love you, mama!" which she says on a daily basis, sometimes in response to me and sometimes unprompted. She says it to her grandparents, daddy, and her auntie too.
  • Her favorite color: "Yellow" followed closely with "green" which just happened to be the combo of the day 
  • "Josie Grace Deyle" although here she says it without the passion since it's more of an echo of me prompting her
  • Her name, "Audrey" although again, me prompting her means you can't see her excitement like when she normally says it. Still worth getting on video though.
(If you are reading this from a feed reader you might have to click through to see the video and first half of this post.)


Audrey says

The first one! She's talking more and more, and it's time we start documenting it. Mostly, we get cute little one or two word phrases, like "Uppy! (Up please)" or "Mo Mikka! (More milk)", but we had a winner the other day when my parents came inside after just getting back from an errand.

Papa: Is anyone here? Who needs a hug?!
Hear the crickets chirp as the big kids continue playing, totally oblivious. Grammy and Papa started walking down the hallway towards the voices in the bedrooms until they heard little running footsteps from the dining room followed by a little voice yelling, "Me me me me!"

Girlfriend loves her hugs and kisses. She loves to pucker up at an unsuspecting family member and often times they come in sets. You don't just get one kiss, you get four or five. It's possibly my favorite part of life right now. It's that good.