Audrey's Birth Story Part 1

Now that she's here, I want to get this birth story written out before I forget everything! So. 

We were scheduled to be induced on Sunday, November 18th which would have been ten days from due date. The week before that, I was nauseous and extremely uncomfortable almost every day and was thinking to myself "Why on earth did I push back the date to be induced??" I was feeling guilty about not being able to play much with Josie and being hard to be around for hubby and the family the rest of the time. Thankfully, they seemed to understand.

On Saturday, I woke up thinking "last day for sure with just me and Josie" so I knew I wanted to do something  and not just sit around feeling miserable. My body felt pretty good and I had minimal nausea. I got it in my head that I was going to Walmart to stock up on a few things (flour, eggs, the basics) and then I was going to decorate for Christmas as much as I possibly could. Somehow this plan actually worked out, and I was happily able to get a lot of it done before hubby got home. It was fun to do it with Josie around because she loved the "Christmas books" and her nativity set that she got to play with while I did the "real work". 

Once hubby was home, he put the lights up outside and then we ate dinner as a family of three. Josie stayed with hubby's parents (awesome because she's there so much the way it is, it's like her second home) while we were gone so we brought her over after we ate. We figured it was better for her to sleep there then to have us wake her up really early and then have to fall back asleep once she got there.

It was bittersweet dropping Jo off, knowing that next time we saw her would be in the hospital. It did help that she was completely excited to be at grandma's at night.

Back at our house, we continued to decorate our home for Christmas. At one point (as we were basically getting done), hubby through my phone towards me and I missed it. As I reached down to pick it up, I felt like I peed a little (sorry, TMI) like when I coughed too hard a couple of weeks ago while I had that awful cold. 

I went to the bathroom to assess the damage and was surprised by how wet everything was. Plus, no odor, which if being honest, usually made me more grossed out than the act of "peeing a little" itself. I was planning on showering anyways, so upstairs I went to shower and get ready for bed.

Afterwards, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, so even though I had an inkling that my water had possibly broke, I assumed it was me being paranoid and threw on a robe (good choice, looking back). I bent over to grab the garbage bag (always cleaning and prepping in prebaby mode) and suddenly realized that I was standing in a huge puddle of clear liquid. Thank you God that I was upstairs on the hard surface floors instead of downstairs on the carpet! I yelled for hubby to bring a towel and just stood there with no clue what to do.

Have you seen the episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians where Kourtney goes into labor with Mason? (Don't judge, that show is my weakness) Well I think this is similar to what happened to her, so thankfully I had an idea as to what was coming next. Funny where we learn things from. I called the hospital and the nurse said take my time coming in since contractions hadn't started. She also said that it was good for me to call and check when I did because I did need to come in with enough time to get the antibiotics for Group Strep B since I had tested positive. Hubby took a shower, I finished packing up my bags, and we left the house at exactly 10:00 PM.

41 weeks - last pregnancy picture

Part two here.

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  1. Rae and Johnny11/20/2012

    Awesome that your water broke on your own!! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

  2. wonderful story - eagerly awaiting part 2:)  And yes - you look pregnant in the pix!

  3. I'm ready for Part 2 ;) And Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my weakness too...soo bummed we don't have cable anymore...no judging here :)

  4. Charity_hendress11/20/2012

    it's funny when i was reading this i thought that's totally like what happened to Kourt and then you referenced it! ha! love it!!

  5. Amanda Dockter11/20/2012

    Thanks kinda funny.  Similar thing happened to me with Emma and it was 10 o'clock at night when I went in too:)

  6. you can't do that to us... I'm dying to hear the rest - If  the Kardashin's are your weakness, birth stories are mine and this sounds like a gooder.


  7. Natalie11/21/2012

    Man you were one cool cucumber throughout this!