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Snapshots of daily life

I've been fiddling around with my fancy camera (aka not my phone) and tried to get at least one picture of each girl that represented them where they are right now. Of course, when I thought I had a good one, it didn't transfer well on the computer screen, and the shots I thought were too dark or blurry ended up being pretty good. I have a lot to learn! Either way, here is what I got.

Audrey's been focusing harder on her tasks and imaginative play. She quietly plays out different scenarios and conversations during quiet time that can last for over an hour. I hear her soft voice floating up the stairs, not clear enough to understand the actual words, but enough that I can hear the patterns of conversation and role play. Words are not in short supply, though. She can talk endlessly about the smallest details happening around her. She asks questions that she knows the answers to, waiting for affirmation which she rewards with a huge grin. She hates conflict and much prefers to return to her natural happy state, but also likes to reflect on what happened a little longer than necessary. She's a bit of a grudge holder, which seems to be in contrast to her sweet demeanor. She gives hugs and kisses willingly to those she loves. I hope she never loses that ability to love whole heartedly.

Amelia is walking now, just a little here and there, but her motivation is outweighing her actual ability which means she is stumbling and falling, bumping into hard furniture, acquiring bruises and earning a lot of attention. She knows we get excited and looks to us for affirmation. We are happy to cheer her on, but at the same time, slow down, little lady! I'm not ready for her to be a toddler. She is a fine mix of both girls. On one hand, she wants to go and explore like Josie, but on the other hand, she's happy to be held and will give sweet hugs like Audrey. She can be shy around others and will absolutely  not go to them if asked (which I don't mind, stranger danger and all). She will, though, offer big smiles and waves as long as one of us is near or holding her.

As is normal for our dearest oldest, the characteristics usually attached to certain ages happen about six months early. Now that we are in the homestretch towards Josie turning five, it is clear that this age is no exception. She's developed a certain level of sass and girlish teen-like attitude that cannot be blamed on influences around her. Her independence is causing an inner battle to continue to obey and respect what we ask her to do. She wants to please us but also wants to try things her way. She's learned that she can ignore us or pretend that she can't hear us to get out of doing something right away. She tries to sneak away quietly and then runs at full speed once she's out of our reach. It can be exasperating, like when I'm asking her to stay by me while I car is about to drive by and she decides she can make it to our car across the street before the approaching car passes (yes, I almost had a heart attack, and yes, she felt really bad about it and apologized on her own). At the same time, she's asking great questions, retaining what she's hearing, and applying it in her own ways to her life. She's a great little conversationalist and provides endless entertainment if given the time to talk your year off. She's an independent person from me (us) and it's fascinating and delightfully fun to get to know her. Loving Josie is fierce and intense. She's a spitfire, but that's one of the great things about her.


Audrey's 3rd birthday party

We celebrated Miss Audrey the week before Thanksgiving. She's so fun to celebrate, juuuust let me tell you. She gets truly excited about each aspect: the guests, the presents, the food, the games. With the excitement, though, is her humble and sweet attitude. It's just refreshing.

We had a "Donut" party which meant that I didn't have to make cake and we had brunch instead of a later dinner that would conflict with naptime. It was pretty perfect! At least while we have a bunch of little kids running around, I think I'm going to stick with mid morning parties that are done by 1:00 or 2:00. Plus, the day isn't over once the party wraps up. It was really did work out well.

Audrey talked about having a "Donut" party for weeks, and she was thrilled to go with Daddy to our favorite donut shop to pick out her special donut that her candles would go in. We went ahead and sang "Happy birthday" to her right away and then ate food, opened presents, and played an "Eat the Donut without Hands" game, which was a huge hit. Overall, a fun and simple party. 

...why, Auntie?

She adores her baby sister. This love action happens daily.

Her honest reaction to the doll that reeked havoc on her big sister, who was so very jealous of that awesome gift.

Our gift, this trampoline, was very well received. Whew! 

So. My sister (auntie Lara) was busted making quite the schmo' face and I couldn't resist sharing with you all. You're welcome.

Poor cousin Clara was recovering from a cold. She hardly even looked like herself with those puffy eyes and runny nose.


These kids these days

I've never taken such a long break from blogging. I'm determined to keep at it though, because I don't do baby books and I want to remember these sweet girls for how they are right at this moment. How about a little update on each?

Josie Grace is four years and two months old. We are (re: I am) doing preschool at home with her and she's very enthusiastic. See, that's the thing about Josie. She is absolutely full of life. I've never met a girl that loves to laugh as much as her. She finds joy in all kinds of things, and is happy to giggle with whoever is willing. I'm having to train myself to let her laugh full force without jumping in to stop it. When she was younger, there was a point in her laughing where it usually meant she was losing control, doing something she shouldn't, or about to have an accident. You can see why I tense up when I hear it, right? But nowadays, she is usually just having fun and nothing too crazy is going on.

I will say with absolute certainty that this year is easier than last. She pushed the boundaries so much last year; it was taxing on us all. This year, she still pushes back a little because it's part of her nature to do so, but she is much more respectful. She's willing and happy to help about 60% of the time. There is an undercurrent of attitude that I'm really trying to stay on top of, but most of the the time it's her goofiness that wins out.

Josie has a bit of a hot temper. She can go from perfectly happy to screaming in the blink of an eye of her shoe won't slip on just right or if a little water spills from the fridge filter. She also recovers quickly and doesn't sulk about it. She's got a crazy good imagination and gets lost in her play, often talking or mostly singing louder and louder with no concept of the people around her. 

One huge side effect of a large imagination is the fears that come with it. It seems like she has something new to be afraid of every day. Currently, she's terrified of the dark and being alone (in the light or darkness). We got her nightlight with an on/off switch that really helps her at night, but it's hard to help with the fear of being alone as sometimes you just can't have someone right by your side. At her age, she isn't descriptive with why she's afraid of something, so I've been really trying to keep potential scary things at bay.

Her fears and imagination mirror my own as a child, which makes it easier for me to deal with. Hubby sometimes gets frustrated and thinks she's making it up to get out of something, but I so clearly remember having ridiculous (but very real to me) fears. We won't be doing much for Halloween and TV shows/movies are even more restricted. We talk out what she's afraid of as much as she allows and I've learned that it's better to over explain something so she's not left with a bunch of questions that lead to more scary unknowns. I wouldn't say she's consumed with fears, but they do jump up out of nowhere and I want her to love this life, not fear it.

Josie is a bit of an instigator still, but most of the time, a word from me is enough to stop it. If it's bad enough, quiet time is usually the answer. Being alone (playing, not as a punishment)  is so good for her and she usually comes back more agreeable and refreshed. She still gives random kisses to us (especially Amelia) but is more elusive with hugs and "I love you's" than she used to be. Audrey is her very best friend most of the time, but when they butt heads it can get ugly. A couple of times, now, Josie has bit Audrey hard enough to leave a bruise. They have been known to kick and hit each other, proving that they are just like every other sibling group out there. Thankfully, most of the time they get along fantastically.

If it isn't already obvious, Josie is my girl. She prefers me 90% of the time and will tell hubby if he's doing something wrong based on how I do it.  You can imagine how much he loves that. I'm so thankful that we don't butt heads often and that I get to spend my days with her.

Audrey Joy is two years ten months old and is still the sweetest little girl. Since she was able to smile, she's been eager to share it with everyone. Her blue eyes are so light and bright and she has perfect curls in her hair. I hope she never hates them. Audrey can be so funny with her two year old behavior. I joke that it's like her body tells her to act like a two year old but it's against her very nature to be having a tantrum. She will scream and fuss or pout for a minute or two (not nearly as long as most two year olds) and then declare, "I'm happy!" with a big smile and moves on without looking back to whatever it was she was mad about. Once in a while, her emotions will be so strong about who knows what and she'll cry way too hard for a ridiculous amount of time. Nothing will help except time and she won't have any clue as to why she's upset. I feel for her at those times. So much emotion building up inside, and she doesn't like it but has to learn how to deal with it. Again, most of the time she declares "I'm happy now!" and it's over, but sometimes she just needs to go to bed and start with a brand new day upon waking.

She can be very shy when around anybody that isn't family, but she's also surprised me with being brave enough to joyfully, loudly share something with someone else. Usually, she'll do this if hubby or I is right there. She'll share a random tidbit that makes no sense to them, but is obviously a big deal to her. It's pretty cute because most of the time the person she's sharing with knows she's usually so shy. She still hides in our shoulders or refuses to answer questions but she's getting better as she gets older. Sometimes, she'll start out excited, like at a park with our friends, but then end up getting more shy as the playdate goes on. She'll then seek me out and hang out by me for the rest of it if she's not in the right mood. It can be frustrating since I know it's better for her to interact with the other kids, but I also know she does try and that sometimes it's just her being a little too young for the others or she's just having an off day.

While she can be shy, she can also be fearless. She will jump into situations full force that we never thought she'd be up for. I wouldn't be surprised if she's the girl bungee jumping and jumping out of planes. She just gets excited for things that would be scary to others. She also seems to be more athletic than one would expect (if they know who her mom is - ha!). She has perfect form with somersaults, and could catch a ball much quicker than I expected when we taught her how. Her coordination has always been on point, but I didn't expect it to affect her athletically as well. We'll see if that turns into anything.

Audrey can be silly, too, but most of the time she follows with what everyone around her is doing. She is talking just as much as Josie and can be loud and chatty at home even though that doesn't show up outside of home. Her phrases are adorable, as most two year olds' are, and we are constantly hiding smiles or laughs because of what she says. I have to be careful to avoid embarrassing her because she'll clam right up if she senses that she did something too silly. For example, she has a sweet way of complimenting those around her about the strangest things. She'll tell someone, "I like your shoes!" even if they are just old flip flops, or she'll tell me, "I like your Elsa braid!" when my hair is in a plain ponytail. She is just so great at making others feel special! I don't want to squelch that, so I try to just say, "oh thank you, Audrey!" and move on. It's just my favorite thing.

Amelia just turned seven  months old, so I'll do a detailed update on her soon.