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Per a recommendation in the Facebook comments from my last post, I contacted Stitchfix about my general disappointment. Here's what I wrote:

The last box I received did not meet expectations. I had previously requested longer shirts because of my longer torso. With the two boxes I've received, I do not feel as though that request was even read or acknowledged. I could tell without even trying them on that they were all short shirts (except one that was actually a tunic, not a shirt) and of course, upon trying them on, they were indeed too short. I do not think I should have to pay the $20 styling fee if something that important to me (mentioned at least three times in comments, my styling profile, and reviews of the boxes) was completely ignored. I'd like to request that I get a refund of the $20. I'm happy to try again, as I love the idea behind your company, but at this point I am not satisfied with my results and do not want to waste money on something that was promised but not carried through.
Also, I do share publicly what I receive via facebook and a personal blog and would love to update my friends and readers with your great customer service results. I was told by a few readers to contact you to ask for a refund. I hope that I can give them a great update. Thank you,

They wrote back with this:
Hi Sarah,
Thank you so much for reaching out to us and letting us know. I'm terribly sorry to hear your Fix wasn't a hit. Is there any way we can try styling you again if we cover your next styling fee? Our stylists really do care about packing great Fixes; they always read your comments and adhere to your requests, but sometimes it takes us a time or two (with the help of your feedback) to really nail your style.
Thank you so much for all the feedback you have left for us thus far. We really appreciate you letting us know what you loved about each Fix and what could be better. We also appreciate your time and effort you put into creating your Style Profile. As we get to know you better from the feedback you leave for each Fix, we anticipate being able to fine tune our selections to your unique fit and style needs. I'm so sorry that your request for your shirts to be longer was overlooked. That is certainly not up to our standards and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. I went ahead and highlighted this on your account so that your stylist is aware when styling your future Fixes.
Pinterest boards are another great visual reference for your stylists. Sharing your style board is really effective and helpful when your stylist is preparing your Fix. You can even take a look at our Stitch Fix Pinterest Page, and re-pin pieces we carry that echo a style you'd really go for.
We apologize again for any frustration. We hope to have the opportunity to style you again, and are here to answer any of your questions to help ensure we are sending pieces with the right fit and style for you moving forward. Looking forward to hearing from you on the chance to try again!
Stitch Fix Client Support
Your Partner in Personal Style

So, as you can see, their customer service regarding problems with clients is pretty good! I was happy with that response and willing to try again. Here is what I got this month.

Hilton Cable Knit Infinity Scarf - $34.00

It was very soft, obviously good quality, and definitely warm enough to wear as an outdoor scarf. Unfortunately, that means that it is also a little too heavy to wear as an accessory to an outfit. My other problem with it was the length. Although I could easily wrap it around my neck twice, it felt a little snug, meaning it was too short, to comfortably wear all day. Verdict: returned

Colibri Solid Tab Sleeve Blouse - $48.00

I had this one pinned on my pinterest board, so I wasn't surprised to see it. I'm glad they sent it, since it meant that they did pay attention to my profile specifically. It seemed long enough when I held it up in front of me, and I loved the color (a bit brighter than the pictures show, but still wintery). Unfortunately, it just wasn't a good fit. The sleeves/shoulders were very tight, and the slits on the side came up too high. I had high hopes for this one, but it wasn't meant to be. Verdict: returned

Corinna Striped Dolman Top - $48.00

This shirt is ridiculously soft and stretchy. I immediately liked it. As I wore it and photographed it, I couldn't find an angle that represented how I felt in it. Basically, it feels amazing but doesn't fit right. Boo. I think the extra stretchiness made it a little too clingy. I tried it with both jeans and high waisted leggings and the leggings were better, but the price is ultimately what pushed me to say no to it. It's basically a fancy t shirt, not worth almost $50. Also, I had specifically changed my price range for shirts to be lower, so I was surprised to see this in my box. I guess they figured that it was worth a shot because it was long enough, which is generally true. If I had got this in March, I might have bought it, but right before Christmas when we've been spending money like crazy, it just wasn't a practical purchase. Verdict: returned

Cotulla Button Back Sweater - $58.00

I disliked this shirt before I even had it on. It's very heavy, not very soft, and appeared quite short. Also, buttons up the back is hardly nursing friendly, something else specifically mentioned in my profile. Of course it didn't work. It was too short, generally too tight, and the material was uncomfortable. Verdict: returned

Mira Skinny Jean - $78.00

When I saw these in my box, I was very doubtful. I am not one specific size when it comes to pants, so I didn't want to waste time having them figure me out. These jeans are more like jeggings in that they are pretty thin, have an elastic waistline, and don't have a zipper and button OR pockets (not okay). They felt like leggings. Comfortable, a good color, good fit. Unfortunately, the longer I wore them, the less I liked them. The elastic waistline is just small enough that it was unflattering. I had mom tummy either on top or below no matter where it sat. If it had been twice as thick (2-3 inches), it would have been better. It was even worse when I sat down. Then, the material was really stretchy so I started seeing elephant knees and extra fabric on my thighs that was not flattering. Verdict: returned

So this box was a fail, although it was better than the last one. After talking to my sister who likes to play devil's advocate and who has also worked retail, she pointed out a few things.

1. They might like to generally throw in pieces that I wouldn't necessarily buy that end up being great. 

My reply: That's all well and good if I wasn't paying a styling fee and if they were still getting at least one item to work each time. I would actually love that if four of the five items were predictable leaving room for the last one to be a stylist's choice. But this time, only two of the shirts were long and the other three items were wildcards. That is not honoring the client's wishes.

2. The bulky button sweater is very trendy as a crop top, which is kind of how it fit me, but was just too tight. They might have been purposely going for it as a crop top.

My reply: It was definitely just a sweater at the normal length. I've tried on and purchased a few crop tops in the last year or two and a true crop top looks even more so like one on me because of where it sits. This sweater was too long to be a crop top and too short to be a good fit for me. They did not put enough thought or discretion into picking out this piece. 

3. They may not have enough clothing items to put five different tunics or long shirts in my box each month, so they fill the box with other things even though that's not what I wanted.

My reply: I refuse to pay for a service that is not honest. If that is true, I want them to say that to me instead of acting like they are going to honor my opinions and requests. Instead, they just seem to ignore it and do more generic items. That may work great for other people, but if I'm paying for it, I want it my way. I can find accessories just fine, don't send me a scarf. I have tried jeans from all over the place and found the place that works best for me. I don't need them to send me jeans that cost three times as much. 

4. The jeans may not have been the right size, so maybe it was good that they sent them so I could see that the brand and style are comfortable, and now I should go find the smaller size locally.

My reply: Again, the styling fee! I pay for this service so I don't have to shop around for items. If the pants always run big, send me the smaller size. I can't be the only person that thinks those pants stretched out weird and had an awkward waistline. That's their job. 

5. Lastly, she thought that possibly the stylists are overworked since their service is pretty popular, and that they don't have time to read all of our reviews and requests.

 My reply: Don't care. Harsh, but it's your job to do it and if you skip it, you have to hear the negative feedback/receive bad reviews. I got more and more specific as I reviewed each box received and they didn't hear me, basically ever. 

Their service is unique, I'll give them that. I think they have some kinks to work out, although they need to get on that and actually work them out because they aren't exactly a new company anymore. If I happen to lose more weight by spring time, I think I will try again, since I won't have hardly any clothes, tops or bottoms, for the warmer weather. For now, I will be cancelling my order for future boxes. It's just not worth it with the cost and the lack of personalization. 

Do you agree or disagree with my harsh review?

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