Josie says

The tv in the background: "Tell someone you love them..."
Me: Josie, can you tell someone you love them? Do you love your mama?
Josie: I love my mama!
Me: Who is your mama?
Josie: You're my mama!
Me: I get to be your mama??
Josie: I get a chocolate chip! (chocolate chips are used as incentive for potty related business around here)

We almost had a sweet moment there...

Sitting on the couch under a big blanket, talking to our lfb (little foster boy) - 
Josie: Get up here! Get up here on the couch so we can lay!

Hopefully she has innocent intentions! They are only three and two years old after all.

Hubby sneezes, a couple of feet away from Josie with his mouth covered....
Josie: Don't bless on me!
Hubby: I didn't.
Josie: Don't bless on me with that color.
Hubby: ??
A couple of minutes later...
Josie: So. Don't bless your color out! (while shaking her head)

At the dinner table, goofing around while she's supposed to be eating...
Josie: Where'd you go? Where are you, baddo (shadow)?? There you are! Are you on the table? Are you on the wall? Where'd you go, baddo?"
Hubby (to me): Earlier, she was asking her fingers what they are doing...
Josie (who of course heard what daddy said): Yeeeeeeeee!

Who knows...

Talking to her little teddy bear...
Josie: Did you go potty on the bed sweetheart? (I never call her sweetheart, it's usually just sweetie. She came up with that one on her own)
Josie: What do you want my sweetheart boy? I know you want to look at yourself on there. I have to go bring you to the potty.
Me: No, you can use a pretend potty in here.
Josie: But my bear has to go potty! She puts the bear on a toy table from her dollhouse. I will watch you go to sleep. I'm going to close the door. You cannot come in the bedroom, Mom. I'm going to open the door and go out. Meanwhile, the bear is sleeping on the table covered up with the huge afghan blanket we keep in the living room. He stays there for a good 20 minutes before she remembers him. She's not the most responsible mommy quite yet.


  1. Lauren1/07/2014

    Aw she is at such a cute age! Kids say the funniest things. So precious.

  2. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, wonder if she'll mimic "oof-dah".