Weigh in day and 4/7

I've set up my weigh in days to be on Thursdays through Weight Watchers. In an effort to be held accountable by you, my lovely readers, I think it'd be worth briefly mentioning each week even if it isn't a change I'm particularly proud of. 

I started tracking my points on Monday, June 15th. I had weighed myself the day before that, so from Sunday to Thursday I was down 6.2 lbs. Before you get carried away thinking I'm overdoing it and need to slow down immediately, keep in mind that approximately three lbs of that was water weight and I did not get that starting weight in the morning right after I woke up like I usually do. I had weighed myself the night before a couple of hours after eating supper. I'm still counting it, though, as an extremely successful week. 

This morning, I got on the scale expecting to maintain. I was praying I wouldn't see a gain, but after this week of travelling, a few small but poor choices when I was home, and only one good day of exercise, I wouldn't have been too surprised to see the number go up. Thankfully, the number went down .8 lbs. I'm very happy with that. 

But... let's get to the more important part! Non-scale victories (NSVs). The number on the scale should not be taken too seriously. Sure, it's a great way to gauge how you are doing when you have a huge number of lbs to lose like myself. But sometimes what you expect based on how you ate and exercised is not adequately reflected on that stubborn scale. Sometimes, you have to look beyond it to feel victorious and see that you are still progressing.  KTJ over at KTJ Weighing In does a weekly link-up for these lovely NSVs and I'm excited to do them too! Seriously, NSVs can make or break it for me on this journey. I'm thankfully not that naive to rely only on the scale anymore.

1. There was a point this weekend where I just wanted a second helping. It didn't matter what the food was as long as I was eating something. When eating with a large group, it is normal and expected that you sit at the table after you are done eating for a while and be part of the general conversation. I love it, so I am not complaining about it in general, but it makes it hard to stop eating when the food is right in front of me. Having that restraint is a constant battle, as silly as it seems. Every single time I do manage to avoid overeating in that setting, it is a huge NSV.

2. I have virtually cut out snacking, or as I like to call it "grazing", throughout the day. While I still struggle with the pre-bedtime dessert or snack, during the day I have been great at eating enough to be satisfied at meals so that I don't feel like I need something in between. This is especially hard when the girls are napping. If we've had a particularly rough morning or early afternoon, it has become a bad habit to either eat a huge lunch then because I didn't have time to eat before then or eat a comfort food filled snack on the couch without a solid limit. This week, I didn't even feel that urge to snack. HUGE.

3. Emotionally eating is very much an addiction. Being able to say "no" when I am feeling that pull of needing comfort for whatever reason is huge. I didn't succeed every time, but I did succeed more often than not. The little things add up, yo! My small weight loss this week proves it (but even if it hadn't, it still would have been a NSV).



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  1. Jenifer Fontenot7/25/2013

    Love, love, love the idea of non-scale related victories. I get obsessed with the number on the scale. Great Job this week by the way!!

  2. Carolyn Baumgarten7/25/2013

    Awesome NSVs!! I can totally feel you on all three of those issues, so major props to you for staying strong in the face of your biggest weaknesses!!