Midweek Confessions

It's time for some confessions.

1. I've declared Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood educational TV in our house and now Josie's obsessed with it. I'm relieved because they aren't long episodes and she's not singing any of the songs (yet). Win/win. I am singing the songs though. So there's that.

2. I'm so stuck in the routine of having my morning coffee that even if it isn't particularly any good I still must drink the entire cup. Most days, it gets cold and somehow separates (cream, coffee, coffee beans parts?? gross) but I still drink it.

This is legit the mug I often drink from. It's pretty large which means more coffee for this lady.

3. Lately, my wake up alarm has been the two year old coming in asking various questions including "where's daddy?" (never mind that mommy doesn't even get a "good morning"), "Josie wants a booooook," and "Josie get Audrey up" (a personal favorite, please note the sarcasm). It's not pathetic at all that I can't seem to get up before my girls right? I mean I only woke up to an alarm for like 15 years of my life.

I'm surprised she doesn't walk in saying "feeeeeed meeeee nooowwww" since that's usually my primary purpose to her in the mornings.

4. Yesterday, that same sweet two year old was sitting on my lap and decided it was time to go potty on my lap. We ran to the bathroom but of course I was relatively soaked. We weren't at home, so she got to change into nice dry clothes from the prepared diaper bag while I got to stay in  my wet jeans. By the time we got home, they were dry and I never actually remembered to change clothes, so I sat in dirty potty pants for the rest of the day. Didn't even phase me. They are in the wash now, though, for the record.

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  1. EmyselfandI9/18/2013

    So glad you joined in today... I can relate to MANY of your confessions - especially the one about Daniel Tiger! :)

  2. I burst out laughing when I read that you almost forgot to put clean/dry clothes on - oh the joys of motherhood! And Oh no at "Josie get Audrey up". . . .but I can imagine she gets bored being the only up:) As for the cartoon - never heard of it and wonder why you DON"T want her singing the songs.

  3. Rachel9/18/2013

    I've totally done the wear pee coated clothes thing too. Pee is technically sterile right? So I think there could be worse things!
    I also let my kids wake me (and sometimes put the TV in our bedroom on for them so I can keep sleeping....). I always think I could be that mom that gets up 1 hour before her kids and gets stuff DONE. but then I stay up until 1am getting stuff done and I just can't possibly wake up earlier than I need to.

  4. Elizabeth Blatchford9/23/2013

    1- We haven't started watching that one, but we have started watching Sesame Street (netflix starts it in season 36ish?). 2- Sadly I'm the same way. I neeeeeed to have that cup of fluffy coffee or my day is just ...yeah. On the mornings that I feel lazy I have started making a combo of cold coffee, little bit of flavored syrup, and lots of milk. ;-D 3- Dean has been my alarm clock for a while now. 4- Hubby asked me once while Dean was only a few months old "why don't you have extra clothes packed for yourself?" ....I still don't.

  5. First, I just found out they make Pumpkin Spice creamer. I need to find this asap. Second, it's time to introduce Deano to Daniel Tiger. It's much better than most of the other shows on Netflix. Third, why would we pack our own clothes? That would mean that we have packed a duffle bag or something even larger and also have had time to think about ourselves a little. That never happens!

  6. Lauren Davison10/22/2013

    educational tv is sometimes a must, dry clothes sometimes are too :p