5k details and a fitness update

I ran a 5k yesterday! It must be noted that I haven't run a 5k since right after I got married, almost four years ago. I've had intentions to, but pregnancy and being extremely out of shape have prevented me from actually doing it. 

So... running a 5k, at this point, is a huge accomplishment for me. While it used to be my average run, now it is definitely a stretch for me. Let's be real here. Running is a lot harder when you are carrying around an extra 40+ lbs. I definitely could feel that right away. I also have been having ridiculous problems with my feet, something I also contribute to my weight. It's a lot more stressful for them to be pushed that far than it was when I ran this much before. I still want to run because as always, the more I do it the more I love it, but the extra weight is making it much more difficult. If only it just fell off as I ran? That'd be great. Thanks.

I also PR'd this run, although my "official time" is unknown and not accurate because this race was tiny, a bit unorganized, and was a little over an actual 5k distance. So... according to my Runtastic app, my stats were:

Time: 34:38
1k: 6:50 min
2k: 7:15 min
3k: 7:07 min
4k: 6:48 min
5k: 6:35 min

Notice how I started out strong, slowed down a bit, and finished strong? That was a huge mental battle, but I knew I wanted to finish strong and I knew wanted to run the whole thing. I also made a friend along the way. There was a girl (much more fit and clearly more active than me) that was alternating between running and walking just enough that she was staying right ahead of me. I made it a goal to catch up to her and we talked a little (as much as one can talk while running farther and faster than usual). She hadn't run in a long time and was more or less there to support a friend, but I think she was feeling discouraged that she couldn't just run the whole thing. I told her that we were on track to get in under 35 minutes, and that we had just hit 4k (since I had my app talking to me - best motivator ever!) and she paced with me for most of it before taking off ahead of me right at the end. It was awesome to have someone to run with and distract me on that final leg.

If I remember correctly, my other 5k was ran in about 35 minutes. I remember being extremely disappointed with that but not surprised. I had just gotten married and had been on a week long honeymoon food binge with no exercise. I hadn't run in over two weeks and my serious training had ended over a month before. I had a few side aches as I ran (my kryptonite) and just didn't do my best. Now, remember that I was a lot smaller then than I am now. Me getting done with this race in less time is a huge accomplishment. I need to remember that when I am feeling discouraged.

My foot pain, on the other hand, is so frustrating. I limped around all day yesterday and can already tell that today will be similar. I'm on track to buying a pair of hiking sandals, you know the ones, that you see older ladies wearing with dressy shirts and shorts? Always cracked me up, but now I can relate. Anything to make my feet feel better! I so wish I could pull off the fit mama hiker lady look and just look athletic, but unfortunately I cannot fool even myself into believing that's possible at my current size. Oh well, yet another reason to shed the lbs. So on that note, some pictures, some motivation, and some weekend. Maybe some good eating habits will form over the weekend instead of the usual "blow it and start over Monday" attitude I end up with. Happy Friday everyone!

I recruited my friend and her husband to run the race with me, although they are super fast and were waiting for me at the end. It was great to have someone there with me though!

Hubby brought the girls with and hung out on the sidelines. Audrey was due for a nap and finally fell asleep just before I got done (typical). She looked so cute in her little checkered dress (same one from hubby's birthday if you remember) and polka dot headband. I could eat her up.

This girl. Ahh I love her.

Okay but seriously. too cute.


  1. Jenifer Fontenot7/05/2013

    Hey, that's awesome!! I can't find any 5k's to run in around here. It's a bummer. I think you should be totally proud! I think we would make great running buddies, if only we didn't live hundreds of miles apart!

  2. Mrs. Lopez7/05/2013

    Awesome - I am working on training for a 5K, but I am a slow runner - 35 minutes impresses me! I have a long ways to go! Way to go!

    Mrs. Lopez of Loving Life In

  3. Way to go! That is so awesome! It is one of my goals to run a 5k - like, straight run it. Right now I can barely run for a full 2 minutes so trying to imagine running for 35 minutes is a little tough. But you have totally inspired me to keep trying!