Midweek Confessions

I love to read books and always declare that I don't have time. Truth? I do have time, but I spend it reading blogs and emails and checking facebook instead of reading the many books on my to do list.

True bible thumper

I read a biography about JFK this week and was surprisingly into it (ironic when you think about point number one isn't it?) but the reason this is a confession is because I really only read it to find out more about the scandalous life he was rumored to have and not so much about the politics. I do like history though; I just get sick of the war talk... even though yes I know it is a part of history blah blah blah

Nothing important happened before I was born. Don't forget that.

I get inspired about every other week to go to a thrift store, adopt a worn out piece of junk furniture, fix it up, and give it a place in our home. I have never actually done this. All of you creative bloggers out there just make it so tempting! Maybe someday when I have more time (ha like that will ever happen).

Did you hear that, Buck? She thinks she's creative
I wish it was still cool to wear lipstick. How nice would it be to just throw some lipstick on and call it good when trying to look presentable? Plus hot red is just so... classic.

Mom said I could wear her lipstick anytime...
I had like 6 diet cokes this weekend which is three times my normal consumption of diet coke... a week... isn't that so healthy of me? What is water again? If only you knew how gross our hard water is where I live. It's just. not. good. Sure, I can make it super cold and put some lemon in it, but every single glass? That would be so much work... diet coke is just so much easier.

This is me on diet coke. Jump jump jump jump jump jump...

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  1. That first one is SO me. I'm trying to be better about reading real books though. We'll see..


  2. Elizabeth1/25/2012

    Great ones!  Confession: I'm an English teacher and have my Master's in English and I don't like classic lit - AT ALL.  I'll take a trashy beach read/ Best Seller ANY day. 

  3. Josie's photo commentary is priceless... let's make a rule that blog reading counts as reading and if I lived in the States I'd drink 6 CHERRY cokes a day... if that flavour ever comes to Canada I'm in BIG trouble.

  4. When I was pregnant, diet caffiene cherry coke literally got me through the super sick first trimester!! Not to rub it in... why don't you have that available? It's not world wide??

  5. Laurie1/25/2012

    first of all - lipstick is still in, just can't wear red all the time everywhere.  Second, I love those big, beautiful round blue eyes, they catch me every time.  Third, I was wondering if the jumper was fun any more.  Fourth, I love the little yellow leggings and smock top, and finally, the Bible Thumper pix should be cropped and hung in a church, or at least put on FB.