Stitch fix decision making

I tried out Stitchfix.com for the first time and got my package in the mail today. Their presentation upon opening is pretty, and very clean feeling. It feels boutique-like. I took some pictures of each item and would love some virtual feedback from you. :) 

They also include a little guide page with ideas of how to wear each item. And of course there is the bill if you choose to keep any of it, some of it, or send it back.

So! First up. This LOVEAPPELLA Tamee Contrast Trim Knit Top. - $48

Clearly it doesn't fit well. It's too tight and much too short. I did warn them that I need long shirts, but this one slipped through. Not a great first impression...

Next up, STACCATO Siri Cowl Neck Poncho Pullover Sweater.  - $54 

At first, I really liked this one. It fit! I wasn't sure after that first shirt if anything would fit, so when it fit and was longer, I was relieved. I thought it was supposed to be a tunic, so I laughed at how short it was. When I went back to the description, it didn't say it was a tunic so I was just mistaken. 

After trying everything else on, I came back to this one and noticed that it hung strange at the bottom. Scroll through the next few pictures to see what I mean.

I know I'm still thicker in the stomach area but this wasn't flattering, it was just more loose. It also doesn't hold the length when I lift my arms up and put them back down. Some shirts snap back into place but this one just didn't.

I don't know. Am I being ridiculously picky? It just doesn't seem too flattering, and it's $54 so I feel like at that price it should make me feel great. Please share what you think!

Number 3. RUNE Kiley Ankle Zip Legging - $58.00

I figured I'd like these, but when I saw the price my expectations shot way up. They must be amazing, right? You can get leggings in practically every store these days, some great quality and some not, but there's no way I'm paying that much for a pair of leggings. Once on, I knew I wasn't getting them. They aren't miracle workers. They basically look like the other leggings I already have.

Number 4. STACCATO Michelli Open Drape Cardigan - $54

So soft. So comfortable. Flattering. Stylish. The only negative is that there aren't pockets. I'm leaning towards keeping it, but would love your feedback. Is it worth it? I have numerous cardigans but none with patterns on them. I really do like this piece.

Lastly, ROMOLO Conrad Chevron Tube Necklace - $28

I googled this before I saw it and loved what I saw. It must not have been the exact same necklace because it wasn't as great once I had it in my hands. It feels flimsy and will be destroyed by a certain baby if I ever did wear it. Sending this one back, too. (I did say no to accessories, but they only mostly listen, so I've heard.) (Excuse my stuffy nose, swollen face, messy hair look going on. This cold is taking me out.)

I put my jeans back on (no more leggings, since I knew I was sending them back) and still loved this sweater.

And just for fun (and to give you an idea of my general style), here is what I wore today. I love the length of this shirt that is like 8 years old from Old Navy. It's so worn out but works fabulously with layers so I just can't part with it. I keep trying to find more like it, lengthwise, with a fun pattern and colors, but it seems impossible. I love cardigans (length! versatility with the weather! Mix and matching!) but I do not have a good stockpile of shirts to wear underneath it. Such a random problem I keep running into everytime I go to wear them. The sweater is from Gap and I loooove it now that it's not so warm outside (it's thick, soft but very dense). My jeans are from American Eagle and are a little too big, which is great for my self esteem and annoying for wearing. I hike them up like every other minute. 

Share your thoughts! Thanks! I have to send the rejects back within three days, but since we are gone this weekend I will be doing it tomorrow.


  1. I love the cardigan - keep it!! One thing I have learned from Stitch Fix is to NOT hold back when you review the items you return; be as thorough and specific as possible so they can learn your taste. And did you create a Pinterest board they can link to? That helps too! Good luck!!

  2. I love the pattern on the cardigan. It looks like it is a little heavier so it could weather a couple cold seasons or more which would make the price worth it!