Nursery reveal

The nursery has been in use for a solid four months and it's time to share it. I don't feel like the pictures do it justice. It has a peaceful, clean feeling but the pictures seem a little cold and bare. Does that make sense? My photography skills are lacking, but please take my word for it. I do love this room. It seems that Amelia loves it too. She gets her best sleep in there and seems to sigh a breath of relief after we've been gone a few days. 

I don't close the blinds - ever- because I really want her to be able to sleep without it being pitch dark. So far it hasn't been a problem. She does wake up around 6:00 AM or so but I don't really think it's because of the light.  If I leave her to chatter to herself for a while, she usually falls back asleep. It's working out great and having the blinds open all the time makes the room feel bright and homey. 

I really love this room.

I made the mobile quickly one night when I realized that she liked to watch her bassinet mobile while falling asleep. She's the first kid we've had that has paid it any attention. It's pretty subpar, but it'll have to come down once she's sitting up anyways, so it does the job. 

(I really need to get that camera up out of her reach before she can grab it.)

  • Hubby made the valence above the window. The fabric is sadly out of stock forever. I tried to get more for the crib skirt, and it was impossible. It's also a hard color to match, so it only mostly works with the rest of the room. 
  • The chair cushions were redone by this Etsy seller. It wasn't cheap and took forever to come in the mail, but it looks great in the room and will work when it's not the designated nursery chair.
  • The dresser is from Furniture for Less and matches the dresser in the big girls' room. Eventually it will be in their room as they get bigger and need more space. 
  • The baskets under the changing station are from HomeGoods. The bottom baskets just barely fit but since we don't need to pull them out often, it hasn't been a problem. The upper baskets are where the cloth diapers are stored so they are used ... often. 
  • I made the changing table mat cover. I actually made two of them, along with all of the sheets and the crib skirt. Many thanks and credit goes to my mom who helped me keep the pregnancy brain forgetfulness to a minimum with that lovely sewing machine.
  • The big A on the dresser is from Hobby Lobby.The clock is from HomeGoods.

  • The flag banner contains all the leftover fabric from the sheets and mat cover. I am so glad I didn't have to throw the scraps away. I'm just too cheap (I prefer the word frugal) to do that.

  • I made the outside pictures using Photoshop and ordered the middle print from this Etsy shop
  • The model in the crib is a real life baby that just happens to live in this room.
  • The owl stool is an accidental prop that was left behind by a curious older sister. It's often found here or alongside the changing table. 

  • The mirror is from HomeGoods.
  • The lithograph print is from this website. The options seem endless and I could stare at them all day. Check it out! This print in particular is the Pride and Prejudice print.The entire picture is made up of the words from the book. If you look closely, you can actually read most of it.
  • I picked up the navy blue framed cork board from Target's dollar section on a whim. I added navy blue in with the teal/turquoise, coral, and plum last minute after seeing the colors all mixed together at the best fabric shop in the world, Modern Textiles. I tell you what, I get lost in that store just dreaming about all of the possibilities. Everything is so gorgeous.

So there you have it. My hope is that this room can evolve into a little kid room, then a big kid room, and maybe even a guest room without having to be completely redone over and over. The neutral gray walls are lovely but I also know that gray won't always be so in style. There is a lot of room for her to make it her own as she gets bigger, but for now, I like it just the way it is.

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  1. Nice job! laughed at and loved the real life baby model, and the owl stool, but overall, enjoyed the history behind every choice you made. It really is classy, timeless and creative!