NSVs and the weekly weigh in

Non Scale Victories:
As KTJ says, "It is nice to take time to see the accomplishments you’ve had during the week, big or small, even if that scale isn’t moving!
Too many of us base our success just on the number we see on the scale, but there is so much more to it! All the little changes we make are helping us make a healthier lifestyle. Whether you lost weight this week or not, let’s celebrate your non-scale victories! So whether you said no to that birthday cake in the office, ran a 5k, or tracked your food every day this week. . . it is time to celebrate!"
So here are mine:
With rough bedtimes being the downfall of almost every single day lately (two year olds are so fun, right?) I have had some serious emotional eating temptations after dark. Like my whole attitude revolved around this inner dialogue: I am going to eat a huge plate of nachos and then top it off with a Hershey's bar. It's going to rock. No, self, that will undo every single thing you've done this week. Stop for real. Just stop. Oh my goodness where are some crackers? I could put cheese on them. And then make brownies and eat the dough. No need to bake them. Bahh stop! Go drink water! You can do better than this! You are not reliant on food! BAhhhhh! You know what would be so refreshing right now? An ice cold beer. No, a summer shandy! No, a glass of wine! HELLO that is like 4-8 points that you don't have any more because you ate all of those chips and cheese. Get it together, self.
So yeah. It wasn't pretty. But thankfully I won out more times than I didn't. I did give in a little but it is so much more controlled (and appropriate with portion sizes) than it used to be.
Last night, after having eaten a ton at a friend's house who had a little women's retreat (tacos, brownies, cookies (yes more than one), coffee with sweet creamer, etc) I came home and made spaghetti for the family. We're trying to use up as much food as possible (less to move and store when we are fridge-less) so our meals are creative and not at all good for you. Instead of eating a huge bowl of it, I made some green beans and ate 80% of those and 20% pasta. I stopped when I felt satisfied and didn't even finish my meager serving. It was so rewarding to know that I had that kind of control in spite of how tired I was and how bad the day had already been. 
And sure enough, it paid off with a weight loss. But the NSV honestly means so much more to me.

Weigh In info: Down another 1.2 lbs. Total weight loss: 11.4 lbs. Slow but steady! I am happy for a loss in general this week. My heart wasn't as committed every day so I had a few more slip ups. Generally, still feeling "in this" but thoughts of moving and the craziness that is about to happen with being in limbo between houses, not being settled right away, and not having a full kitchen for the first week makes me just pray for a maintenance week. I'll still do my best though!

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  1. congratulations on the weight loss, I too had a bad week and have nothing to blame it on but change in schedule. So proud of you, keep it up!!

  2. 2Momma28/08/2013

    First, I LOVE your blog name! I remember coming across the phrase "Living with Intention" and it was such a revelation for me!!! Just seeing your blog is another reminder. Also, I completely know that dialog - just switch to chips, chocolate, and a Canoe Paddler! I have a 2-year-old and 9-month-old and all I want to do after I finally get them to bed is snack. Way to go with your meal - I have to do that a lot with the veggies. Sometimes I even make sure to make another side for the family so I can load up on the veggies.

    Great NSVs!

  3. Ashlee8/08/2013

    Good for you for not giving into the temptation every time! It is so nice to win those battles and have the power over food!! Awesome choice to go with the green beans and holy moley I would be eating like a crazy pants if I were moving and not having a kitchen! You are a better woman than I am;)!! Thanks for linking up with us!!