Five thing Friday

 I can hear Josie moving around in her room so I better hurry up and get this done!

1. Since the chiropractor appointment, Audrey is doing great. Her smiles are back, she's able to play independently on the floor without freaking out, she's eating better, she's sleeping a lot better. Great.

2. I have the girls napping in the same room (insert shocked expression) and sleeping all night in the same room. THIS IS BIG. I was so worried that Audrey would wake Josie up in the mornings because she usually gets up at 6:00 while Josie sleeps until 7:30 most days. Thankfully, it's been no big deal to go get Audrey quickly and quietly and Josie sleeps right through it. I'm so thankful for this smooth transition. Our room will have more space soon when we don't need that bassinet in there!

3. The weather is slowly inching its way up to warm enough for us to enjoy it. I am watching the temps so carefully in hopes that we can go outside even for a walk. I have big plans this summer to turn our fenced in backyard into a kid's play land on a budget. That on a budget part makes it more of a dream than a reality, but hopefully some of my plans will work out.

4. I finally painted my toenails to a nice shade of reddish pink for Spring (no toenail pictures need make an appearance on the blog, so you'll just have to use your imagination). I have to say, looking down at my nails and seeing a fun color really does wonders for my attitude toward this loooong winter.

5. We went out to eat last night for my SIL's birthday and Josie decided that her grandpa was her verybestfriend. It was hilarious. She sat with him while they enjoyed their chips and salsa, walked around with him and looked at anything and everything, and then had a melt down when they had to part ways to go home. The girl's got him wrapped around her finger. He sent this picture to me last night. She's a keeper, right?

I'm not sure where her smile went here, because she was pretty happy the whole evening due to the attention she got from grandpa.

Happy Friday! Our weekend is busy and its not super fun stuff, but I'm excited for it nonetheless.

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