Pretty close to perfect

The other day ended up being an almost perfect day. We were in the middle of a Blizzard watch and the wind was howling outside. Hubby was out of town and our small group was canceled. I realize that doesn't sound like the makings of an almost perfect day, but somehow it was.

We worked our way through school in the morning. Audrey and Amelia have really gotten good at playing together away from the table which means Josie can focus a little better and I can help her more one on one. We had lunch, nothing special, and quiet time like always. I figured after quiet time we could go outside and shovel the drifts on the driveway. We have a huge driveway so I know it'd take quite a while. We hadn't left the house in two days and I was itching for some exercise, so I was pretty determined to get us out there. Surprisingly, the girls were happy to go out. They'd been looking out the window at the snowy conditions all day and were excited to go and play. 

We bundled up excessively. That North Dakota wind is no joke and I knew we'd need the extra scarves and warmer mittens. Jo and Audrey grabbed their mini shovels and I dug through the shed to find one I could use. Amelia was happy to just walk around. We (I) got most of the shoveling done before the girls were shivering from the wind and dropping temps. We grabbed our Christmas cards for our neighbors and hand delivered them. The girls were happy to be coming inside afterwards but they kept a great attitude the whole time we were out. 

After we warmed up, I got out all the ingredients for gingerbread cookies and all three girls helped me make them. Somehow, that worked. I honestly don't know how, because most of the time I freak out from the mess and chaos or one girl feels left out or something goes awry. This time worked. I threw together a quick dinner while the cookies were baking and the Christmas music was playing. The girls set the table while dancing and singing along. It was kind of magical. 

After dinner, the girls got their Christmas jammies on and we sang some Christmas song favorites that we haven't heard on the radio much (Go Tell it on the Mountain, Away in the Manger, Do you Hear what I Hear, and Oh Christmas Tree). Afterwards, we read a few Christmas books and then Amelia went happily to bed. (Seriously, she's so easy to put to bed so that was nothing special. I just appreciated it particularly that night.) Since hubby wasn't home and I had a long evening alone ahead of me, I let the big girls stay up and play beauty salon with my hair. They will do anything to stay up later so there was no complaining on their part! Plus, it was fun to visit with them without any distractions.

They went to bed quietly which doesn't always happen. I watched an episode or two of something insignificant on Netflix and went to bed. End scene. 

I feel like that needed to be documented for my memory's sake. So many days find me frustrated or counting down the minutes to bed time. I've found myself wishing away the days until hubby is home too many times and not enjoying the gift of being home with all my girls every day. Days like this make me much more aware of these blessings that are no coincidence. It's amazing to me how God can use little details throughout a day to remind me of this. I don't want to forget to be thankful, even on the hard days. I do have to say that we've had a particularly good week which followed a particularly hard week. The cycle will continue I'm sure, but I'm thankful for being able to enjoy the good days when I get them.

{these pictures posted were not from that day in particular}

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