Guest and Girls bathroom

Nine months ago, my parents took the big girls with them to the lake for a few days. I was just coming out of a stretch of intense parenting with Amelia - no breaks, holding her constantly, feeding her constantly, all the fun newborn baby stuff - and was full of ambition. I got some paint picked out and brought it home to paint and got just the edges on one side of the room and the smallest wall done. That's it. For months, we're talking like seven months here, not just a few, that was how it sat. Along the way, I decided that the original paint color I had chosen was not the right color. Along the way, I had painted the hallway a great gray color that seemed to somehow brighten up while also make it fresh and less outdated. I decided this color would work better in the bathroom as well.

A few weeks ago, I got the whole room painted. The gray is a much better choice than the original brown beige I had chosen (what was I thinking, really?) I replaced the towel bar with towel hooks (we have more than two girls using this bathroom now so multiple hooks is a necessity). I added a hand towel rack on the other side so it was clear which to use after washing hands. Finally, I put the other towel bar above the toilet and hung a basket from it (thank you, pinterest) below a wooden plaque picture I took of the girls in the tub. (Please note that when I say that "I" did this, I really mean that I thought of it and hubby did it. He's the real deal handyman, after all.)

My parents are combining their two homes (one in the city they work in, one at the lake) so we got their shower curtain, rug, and towels. These added just the pop this room needed. I cannot tell you how happy this room has made me every time I walk by. We haven't done a lot of updates to the house yet since most of them are major and will not be started any time soon. It is very rewarding to have another room done. More and more, the house feels like "us" and not like the previous owners. And bonus: I'm not embarrassed to have our guests use this room anymore. Here are the photos. Please remember how impossible it is to photograph a small, long and narrow room. :)

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