Weekend update plus running progress

You know those mornings when you try so hard to be productive and start the day out on the right note? No matter how hard you try, you fail. The day is tough and things keep going wrong. That's the day today, and last Monday, and the one before that. How do I break this cycle?? Note that it is only 9:09 AM and I am already saying this.

Mostly, this morning hasn't been awful; I think I'm just frustrated because my running progress has slowed considerably due to my calves not keeping up. As you know, this is nothing new, but I'm just tired of it and today it really got to me. I probably only ran half of the two miles I did, and while my calves are aching, the rest of my body is wondering when the work out begins.

Did you catch that? I went for my run at 7:30 this morning with the girls and Hannah, my parents' dog who is staying with us this week. I also purchased a kettlebell this weekend, but now realize that I got too small of a weight and will have to buy at least two more. I know I will like them and enjoy using the one I have, but man I feel like I am constantly spending money all the time. Hubby said, "why don't you just go to the gym?" in which I laughed and said, "will you stay home with the girls so I can do that?" He stopped making suggestions at that point. 

On to the weekend.... we spent some time outside (although it wasn't very hot and was about to rain so our timing was a little off) and my parents gave Josie her birthday present. They got her a sandbox that is a whole lot classier than the turtle shape I was planning on getting for her. It's the shape of ... a castle maybe? with a sun design on the cover. The cover is my favorite part because I'd prefer the girls to avoid cat liter boxes that take over sandboxes. Way to go grandparents!

We also had to say good bye to friends of ours that are moving all the way to the east coast. They happen to also be Josie's godparents, so we made yet another attempt to get a picture of the three of them. I don't know what the deal is, but I have never gotten even one good picture of them. This one is grainy and I had to be in it (cropped out later of course) to keep Josie semi happy. Ridiculous, yo!

We also went for a bike ride with auntie Lara and daddy even came too. Audrey was not having it so we stopped at a park to pull it together. It was too wet to play much, but we made the most of it.

Not pictured: Hubby and I had a date night on Friday night, we helped our friends above pack up for the move on Saturday night, we went to church on Sunday morning, and had more quality time with auntie Lara on Sunday afternoon. 

Looking at a calendar, the weekends are filling up so fast! It's crazy to think that we only have a handful of them left before we are moving and getting situated in a new home that will take up all of our time and energy. 

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  1. Jenifer Fontenot10/22/2013

    My kids LOVE playing in a sand box, but I've been thinking about replacing sand with rocks/pebbles. A friend of mine did that and she says it's so much better as far as clean up and not trailing sand into the house and in the shoes, plus the kids love it too!!