5 lovely things

I've been having some good luck in the shopping department (something my hubby hates to hear) and thought I'd share a few of them with you. A good way to end a blogging break, right?

1. Pumpkin Spice Creamer. I'm the typical mom that loves all things pumpkin in the Fall, and this does not disappoint. I haven't even felt the need to hit up the big coffee guys for the expensive drinks because I'm happy with my small cup at home. I've even been known to make a half pot of coffee in the afternoon to sip while we have quiet time.

Image result for pumpkin spice coffee creamer

2. Our new stroller! It's a Hauck Freerider, on sale for like half the price at albeebaby.com. We ordered it online and it came in less than a week and has already been wonderful. It comes with the removable back seat (to become a single jogging stroller), a carseat adapter for the front seat, shade for the back and a super fancy shade for the front, an adjustable handle, easy brake control, and  a rain cover. It pushes so easily and isn't hard to load up in the back of our vehicles. We wore out our second hand Phil and Ted stroller that was comparable, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy a brand new stroller since I figured we'd definitely use it a lot in the future. I did a lot of research and found this one - 1/3 the price of Phil and Ted's strollers but great quality. I was skeptical at first since I'd never heard of this brand, but it's German and just isn't as popular in the U.S.A. America needs to get it together with baby gear. We are missing out on great stuff!

3. Gap Fall shirts. I have been nervous to shop for real clothes post baby because my weight and body shape is all over the place all the time, but it was necessary. To my great surprise, I easily fit in everything and wasn't even the largest size. ;) I'll take it! I got a few staple, good quality pieces to add to my slowly growing Fall collection. Here are a few of what I found. I'm such a sucker for Gap. The quality is so much nicer than Old Navy (which sucks me in and then disappoints me over time with their shrinking, wearing out ways). I have to keep telling myself that the good quality items are worth the price in the long run!


4. Brady Bands. A lot of Instagrammers talk about these as fail proof so I bought a few (or four) and they have worked out pretty well. I don't know if it's just the shape of my head or what, but headbands rarely stay in place. These do most of the time, and I don't have to have a hundred bobby pins in place which saves me the headache (literally) and frustration of finding them every work out. 
Sweat Wicking Headband-Spacedyed Purple  
5. FlipBelt. I've had this for years and it continues to be a necessity when I work out. Mostly, I use it while running. It can be used to store keys, ID, chapstick, etc, but I mostly use it for my phone and gym locker key. The other day, I left it in my locker while running and immediately regretted it when my pants started sliding down at an alarming rate. No joke, they would have fallen off. Now I know! Never ever run without it. It's not worth the risk.

What have you found and loved lately?

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  1. Anonymous9/21/2015

    Although most of these weren't a surprise to me, I still wish that creamer was sold in a few more places!!!!