Superbowl at last

We spent the evening of the Superbowl with some friends of ours. We were the only one with a kid, and I was hyper aware of this. I really didn't want to be the one with the annoying kid that kept blocking the TV. Can I get an Amen?

Our hostess had a stuffed animal for Josie to play with and of course every single new thing in sight is so much better than anything I could have brought with. It really worked well keeping her entertained while we all had eyes on the prize game. I'm thinking I need to hit up a dollar store and stock up on new toys to present when we need some cooperation. It works so wonderfully.

Josie got to spend some time with her Godmom Jerri. Sometimes she's happy about this, but apparently this was not one of those times.

Our little family spent most of the night on the floor in front of their amazing sectional couch. It's just easier to monitor the little explorer. 

Godmoms are great at being a roadblock for wandering babies.

A sneak preview at my amazing photography skills. Amazing, right? No bag of Doritos has ever looked so good.

Goddad Henry was there too. He was really into the game.

Josie shed some tears but overall was pretty great the whole night. 

We played with the camera a bunch when the toys lost their appeal.

We left right as the game was finished and she fell asleep on the way home. Little did we know that would be our last night of solid sleep for the week.

Thankfully, we have antibiotics that are making each day better and better. You wouldn't know she was so miserable just a couple of days ago by the looks of her now. Thank you modern medicine!

Oh, and its an ear infection. First one, and its a doozy. 

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